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2021/22 Partners





When was the last time you did something for the 1st time?

2022 Ready, SET, NOW!

Beach Tennis Set to Ingnite AO22 BEACH HOUSE Are you READY? Get There, Starts Jan 17

NEWFLASH!! As many would know COVID19 has dealt some harsh blows over the past 2 years, effecting our ability to get out and ensure we can pass on our knowledge and experience of beach tennis. Whilst there may have been some opportunity, albeit limited, the window to ensure continuity and bring you a consistent beach tennis experience, has been limited. We are very much looking forward to 2022, where we will see our once again "Pioneering Efforts" rewarded by YOU playing Beach Tennis. We look forward to seeing you on the sand in Melbounre and don't hesitate to contact us by email, as we are upgrading all our socials. email:

Racquets Up, Australia!

Share the Passion: The Beach Tennis TRAIN has arrived

Melbourne - Australia : TOMAS Berdych one of many recent ATP Pros to give Beach Tennis a bash There are os many reasons to smile, Berdych said, "Beach Tennis is clearly a sport of life and the future. Like us at BTA he sees beach tennis as a great way to get more people playing racquet sports and having fun with tennis. Berdych spent time out from his Australian Open campaign to cool off at Port Melbourne, he chilled , playing some beach tennis with coach Tomas Krupa and took a dip in the water and enjoyed some time in the sun, as Melbourne's mercury soared, to over 36 degrees.

Tomas also agreed that BeachTennis was fun and mentioned he had had heard the ATP are active in many other countriese taking it onboard. It's a great way cross train nnd hangout with friends. Afterall it's all about having FUN!

More than a GAME!.


ROCK UP 'n' PLAY Sessions, Serious FUN, Seriously!!

2022 Season is GO!!

After a frustrating 2 years where COVID has hit Melbourne in greater ways than any other state, we are set to go. We look forward to sharing our passion with you all and getting back on the sands of Port Mebourne. However we must all still abide by the rules and ensure we stop the spread. We ask that you distance yourself by 1.5m where neccessary, do not share racquets and disinffect your equipment in between matches.Masks not required but can be preferred. Sorry NO Hi FIVE's, but lots of Waves! Let's fight this smart, together and be safe.

Join our tribe @ Port Melbourne Life Saving Club

38 Beaconsfield Parade, Port Melbourne

Register Today

Our play days will be advertised, but as we all know weather can serve up a few curve balls. See Facebook for any messages or cancellations

Facebook: "Beach Tennis Port Melbourne"

Like us and be our friend today and stay informed

All Sessions are listed, if for any reason cancellation occurs, it will be advised.

$20 one off casual session (approx 2 hrs) or $80 "Gimme 5, session Pass $16 ps. All beach paddles, instruction & Coaching provided. Any chnages will be notified on MEETUP, and from time to time, reschedules may take place due to clashes.


Join our FREE Meetup Group and RSVP TODAY!

Facebook: Beach Tennis Australia, Twitter: Beachtennisoz

All equipment provided. Weekly signups (RSVP via MEETUP) ,so as we can deliver a Fun and organised activity, FOLLOW US on Twitter and Facebook.

We look forward to sharing our passion and love of beach tennis with you.

CANCELLATIONS are listed on Meetup a min. 1/2 prior to session start.

Book your School, Corporate TODAY

We can tailor a special day for you at the beach. You'll be astounded how much fun your team will have and the great energy it brings.

It's a great CARDIO Beach Workout, an amazing way of exercising on the sand and just hanging out.

Email Paul today: See Equipment for all Beach Tennis products and models

When was the last time you did something for the first time?



Everything to Gain, Nothing to Lose!!

Girls Just Want to have FUN! Too

Whilst the boys will get out there and chase a ball like dogs, and exercise until the cows come home. The sport of beach tennis has been proven to attract many women and youth to the sport. With this in mind it is a clear indication the sport has great appeal and is also an amazing way to connect with likeminded and fun loving people. It really just resonates why we play sport.

Pictured is Daniella Huntachova, more elite tennis and sporting personel are looking for an edge, a way to have FUN in their current regime, and gaining some valable strength, speed, agility and fexibilty at the same time. Can't be all bad. Beach Tennis like tennis is 85% mental! See if you can get your head around it.

Globally the sport of beach tennis is recognised by many national tennis federations, the ITF and sporting and tourism ventures. It is time for a sport like beach tennis to have its place at a higher level in Australia, and gain greater recognition for the contribution it will make both now and well into the future. The sport is fully sustainable with global participation levels rising and the initation of beach tennis tours and locations sprouting everywhere. There has been a lot of hard work done to ensure the game is understood and implementation of rules and culture are upheld.

Beach Tennis is a true "Tribal Sport", such as surfing, skiing, beach volleyball, with it's portability being a key factor. Beach Tennis is the X-Factor, Full Body Workout!

Make your decision today, you won't regret it. Highly addictive and good for your health.

The most FUN you'll have standing up!

Just ask JAMES!



GOOD, Different, to "make a difference"

Wherever beach tennis is played, it touches the hearts of many and embrasses all of the community. Recently BTA donated equipment to a Balinese orphanage & what an amazing effect it had.Former AFL great Ricky Ollarenshaw, a Port Melbourne stalwart, philanthropist & outspoken suporter and believer in beach tennis, is doing his bit in Bali. We applaude your work & giving in the global community. Rick rang me and said, the kids just couldn't get enough, and were itching to hit the ball. "That speaks volumes", he said emphatically.

Rick is very involved with the children, teaching them health and fitness through sport, building relationships and providing valuable infrastructure to the children who need it most. Might I say he is also combining it with his love of surfing, hoping to sneak out for a wave every now and then, when his busy island schedule permits.

"Le Tour de Racquet"

Prior to the Australian Open every 2 years, Port Melbounre Beach Tennis host to a group of young Western Australians ( JohnForest Secondary College) students and tennis enthusiasts.The trip was co-ordinated by tennis coaching professional and teacher John Campbell. The group is part of an amazing trip to Melbourne which involved as many types of racquets sports they could think of. Kooyong Classic, Australian Open and their own Beach Tennis Challenge, and even some "Royal Tennis" Well done on being great ambassodors for your college.Tell all your friends and we look forward to you seeing you next time.


Queens of the Sand

World No 1 Serena Williams and winner of the most Grand Slam Singles title, can see beach tennis is Fun and cutting edge. Serena and World No 2 Victoria Azarenka swapped hard courts for something softer yesterday when they took up the challenge of the Hua Hin, Thailand Beach Tennis Championship.

The world's top two briefly suspended their rivalry to team up and face Thailand's Tamarine Tanasugarn and Noppawan Lertcheewakarn on the sands behind Centennial Park. The beach match was a warm-up for Williams and Azarenka's exhibition match on the Centennial courts a few hours later.



2013/16 Wimbledon Champ can't so NO!

Andy Murray on the beach"BT is cool & has a gr8 Future"

We have had many visitors to our city on the bay,and none better than Andy Murray who made his way to Port Melbourne Beach, for some beach tennis.. Andy donned a smile and placed his feet firmly in the sand, to suprise many, he was up for a chat. He made mention that he had tried the latest beach sporting phenomenon of beach tennis in Spain, and believed it has a great future. Beach Tennis can make a great contribution to the world tennis, and I wish you luck with support as it is just a matter of time. Murray said.

Sincethe launching of tennis based activities such as CARDIO TENNIS program since 2012, there are very exciting times ahead for exercie based programs and beach sports. Most encouragingly the ITF is also seeing beach tennis as a idealistic way of getting more people and players to the courts, and are throwing many recources at its development. It was a pleasure to have him there as he signed autographs for many of the hungry tennis fans and children, amongst his preparations for his AO finals assault. Whilst Murray wielded a smaller than usual racket on Port Melbourne Beach as seen at Wimbledon, he agreed it was amazing fun and more people should play it.

Start Your Engines! Beach Tennis Style

Melbourne, Australia: 5 of the best new drivers in the world take to the sand in Port Melbourne, to play some beach tennis. It was an absolute pleasure to open up for them as they competed fiercely against each other in the trying winds, Seeing Giedo van dr Garde taking out Max Chilton in the final. All the Young Guns Van der Garde, Chilton, Pinkham (SkySportsHD) Gutierrez, Bianchi, Bottas

Max Chilton Marusssia Team, Esteban Gutierrez, Sauber plays beach tennis as a warmup to the 2013 Australian Grand Prix. Just up the road at Albert Park.

Beach Tennis Opens up for a CHARDY!

Port Melbourne Beach, Melbourne Australia

Coinciding with the AO 2013 Beach Tennis in Port Melbourne attracted ATP#36 Jeremy Chardy of France.(overlooked by local legends Emmy and Lilly). A delighhtful experience as he was having a day off in the AO, prior to his 1/4 clash with Andy Murray. The unseeded Chardy was the only player outside of the top 10 left in the draw and was amazing, hitting balls and signing autographs for kids and tennis fans at the Port Melbourne beach tennis courts.

Get down to the BEACH CLUB at this years AO22?



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Beach Tennis is a great cross-training sportl, whilst having fun, adding variety and gaining strength. Its low impact on your joints and is emerging in a huge way overseas and in Europe.

Racquets Up Australia, We are suppportred by some of the best beaches in the world, and our tennis history is deep and cultural.

Recently the ITF have officially adopted the sport and have sanctioned in professional tour in Europe. Thanks to the hard work and belief of many passionate followers and Gianni Belletinni (IFBT)in the early years, the sport is now a force to be reckoned with. The ITF recognise the approach of going outsde the square and adopting other sports, which will further enhance participation levels and embrace many, across a wide cross section of demograhics and cultre. Great vision.

You too can have a body like this! Start getting in shape now

Email Paul today:

See Equipment for all Beach Tennis products and models.


Play Every Point like it was your LAST!!

Meloni's Stay Cool in the Heat of the Final!

World Championship SANDFLIES History in the making! The Best Yet


FLASHBACK To Days gone by.

The 13th IFBT World Championships of BeachTennis.
August, 2013

Campionati Mondiali, Marina di Ravenna ITALY

Australia's most successful tilt at the World Championships was in 2008 the Australian Sandflies sent its most successful with a podium 3rd with Brasil. The team consisted of Mel Butler, Belinda O'Connor, Kellie de Burgh, James Knaggs, Paul Mapley and Con Christopoulous (carrying the drinks).

It's been a while between drinks, so now it's time to step up to the plate once more. With a few new babies and marriages within the beach tennis fraternity, many are ready for another crack. Lets's start training our skills, and work toward giving the Azurre, the US, French, Braili and even the Rushki's a run for their money. We'll show the world Australia isn't only famous for Davis Cup history, Beach Tennis has arrived!!

Many countries have now joined the wave of active playing nations, with the ITF conducting European and World Championships, future opportunity to compete at the highest level around the world will see amazing growth.

Let's not forget grassroots, there are a lot of guys and girls out there doing it for the sport, in their regions. They are seeing how such a great sport such as beach tennis can touch the Global community. Well Done!